Alyssa Penney

Awh your kitty ;^; That’s how I feel about my dog Pudge.. And how I felt about my rat Pancake who just passed on Saturday :( That sounds like a sick piano though, I hate the plastic-y feel on some, that’s what mine is like xP

Cinder was, as horrible as it is to say, a replacement for my cat Max who’d gotten hit by a car. Cinder is so like him though. She’s gorgeous and amazing and timid. I don’t want her to go.
I’m sorry to hear about your Rat. :<
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  1. tofuwaffles said: Awh, well you’ll probably have Cinder a long time! Most cats live good long lives, my first kitty was 18 or 19 when he passed, I had him the first 15 years of my life :) Thanks, I’ve been feeling better, just miss her alot, such a good pet & friend.
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