Alyssa Penney

tofuwaffles asked: "The Star Money: What is your most prized possesion?"

Ohmygod you’re an awful person. (Not really. Really. Not really.)

Um. Um. Um.

If I had to go with material stuff I couldn’t choose. If you saw my apartment you’d understand. I have a ceramic elephant from sri lanka that my Great Grandfather brought back after the war. I have a phantom of the opera mask that my granny and grampy got in the early 90’s at one of the shows. I have a picture of my nanny before she passed away. I have a giant cardboard cutout of the Joker from arkham asylum. I carry a pic of my brother in my wallet because he’s an amazing person and I love him.

But like, material stuff is just stuff. I love stuff, especially cool or old stuff, stuff with stories. Old books. Antiques.

But honestly the one thing I wouldn’t want to give up is my cat Cinder. Unfortunately she’s gonna die someday. So let’s change that to my piano. A couple years ago my mum got me a high quality digital piano. It’s amazing and wonderful and feels like an actual piano as opposed to the plastic feel of a keyboard.
I’ve been playing piano for as long as I can remember but the upright we had at home was damaged and I had to stop for a while. This one let me get back into it.
It helps my with my depression and my anxiety. I honestly love that thing.

Long answer short: Piano. Gimme my music, bro.

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  1. tofuwaffles said: Awh your kitty ;^; That’s how I feel about my dog Pudge.. And how I felt about my rat Pancake who just passed on Saturday :( That sounds like a sick piano though, I hate the plastic-y feel on some, that’s what mine is like xP
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